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I have been shooting at CMP Talladega, shooting up old 30-06 ammunition loaded with Core Lokt's. I did not know at the time that gunpowder deteriorates and when it deteriorates it outgasses nitric acid gas. I blame in print Gunwriters who have been suggesting if not claiming that gunpowder/ammunition lasts forever. They are just shills for the industry, not picked for their STEM education, so what can you expect?. Most, from 50% to 75% of these 1980's loads cracked their case necks. Still, groups were not bad all the way to 600 yards.

Match bullets did give tighter groups.

Core Lokt’s shot well in this rifle:

Core Lokts shot poorly in my 6.5 M70 Swede. Did well in my 6.5 M700. Hornady's shot well in my 6.5 Swedes but the best bullet was a 140 SMK.

The bottom line is, you have to try the bullet in the rifle you are going to use. My Core Lokts may not shoot as well in your rifle.
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