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(30-06) 165 gr. Nosler ballistic tips, Winchester large rifle mag primers, 48 gr. H4895 does 2800 fps and very small 5 shot groups out of all of our Remingtons (2 - 700s, 2 - 742s and a 760). Two years ago at the law enforcement range during sight-in, the 700s shot the same hole and the others had either a ragged hole or two holes touching each other (one 742 had iron sights). After my kid got done shooting two bullets through the same hole and was casing his rifle, the range officer said that there was a ladybug on a target and challenged my kid to shoot it. My kid pulled the gun back out, loaded up, got set and shot. All you could hear was the range officer shouting about how my kid had just shot a ladybug. My kid just shrugged, cased the gun and walked off while the guy was still going on about the shot. (This was at the range between Madison and Waunakee and the range officer was either a Madison cop or a Dane County deputy, and yes, he watched through the spotting scope and saw the bullet strike right where the ladybug had been. Had my kid not hit the exact spot, I'm sure his reaction would have been more subdued.)
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