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Awesome new belt and holster

Early last week I was wasting some time on Facebook when I ran across a link to a link to a link that ended up on the page of Touch of Yellow Leatherworks. The pictures and comments looked pretty good, so I mentally filed it away as something to check out later.

Well, a couple of hours later, I was here on TFL and happened to see IdahoMike's signature line. Son of a gun, Touch of Yellow is his outfit! So I sent him a PM and exactly a week ago, we got together in a parking lot in Boise and I described what I was after. No pictures or drawings, just me trying to explain that I wanted a fairly simple 3" belt and sort of a shorty slim jim holster for my .357 SAA revolver.

Today the results arrived. That's right, a one week turnaround!

Mahogany-dyed, suede lined belt with adjustable cartridge loops (hooray, I can also shoot my .44 Colt with it!) along with a pigskin-lined holster. All beautifully hand cut, punched and sewn.

Folks, IdahoMike is the real deal. Do not hesitate to do business with him!
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