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With handguns or rifles, I focus on the front sight. If shooting a rifle with a scope, I focus on the reticle. When shooting moving targets with a shotgun (wingshooting), I focus on the target.
Stereoscopic vision is best used for distance valuation, one of the reasons we drive cars with both eyes open. And need depth perception for flying an airplane. But for shooting I have always use my right eye unless using a red dot sight. Concentrating on the front sight is most important without distraction from objects on the right or left. Many competition shooters will wear blinders or a patch on their glasses so they can concentrate on the target and sights.

Shooting with both eyes open may be needed for wing shooting with a shotgun to range distance to the clay bird or real bird. One of the reasons I don't shoot skeet or trap. But since 90% of my shooting is with a scope, it's one eye for me. (they don't have dual lenses on scopes)

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