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All of my guns get shot, some more than others:

The 12 ga that I inherited from my grandfather (cheating *jerk* that he was) gets shot very seldom, but stays ready for HD use.

The pistols I inherited from my dad were my first, and were my first carry pistols (Beretta 950B Minx and S&W Regulation Police). They don't get much action, and neither do their long nosed younger brothers (Beretta 950BS 4" and S&W Model 31 4"). They do get shot every few months...

My bread and butter guns are my multiple carry/nightstand guns, and they get plenty of time at the range, when I have time to go.

I also have 2 .22 LR rifles, one fairly new, one about a year old, and they go with me periodically just to get a little exercise.

I love buying, selling, and trading guns, and have a few that I will never get rid of; that said, every gun I own has been used, some very well used, and will never be a "safe queen."

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