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You Have;
Hunters; They usually don't collect.
Shooters; They usually don't hunt.
Collectors; They usually don't hunt or shoot.
Sellers; They usually don't collect, hunt or shoot, only make a profit!!
I hunt, I shoot, and I also collect. The 25% - 35% of the guns I own and shoot, I shoot a lot. I have one rifle I use for hunting - Savage 110 30-06. I don't need nor want anything fancier than that for hunting. It gets wet, and even though I'm careful with it, it gets banged around a little.

I have about 5 range pistols: Sig X-Five, EAA Stock 10mm, Ruger Mark II, High Standard Sport King and a S&W 659.

I have one shotgun I use for Skeet and Sporting Clays.

I have a couple semi-auto rifles and one full-auto that are range toys.

Other than that, the rest of my guns are divided between "never shoot" and a few are "rarely shoot". I just don't feel compelled to shoot every gun I buy.
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