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Brandishing, even if its a self defense situation?
You are walking a fine line between self defense and being arrested and charged with brandishing.

I your life was in danger why did you take out your gun and not shoot?

If you admit to taking out your gun to scare someone there is a good chance that you will be charged with brandishing.

I happen to own a lot of S&Ws but my first though when I saw these two guns was ugly. These are the three guns that are my regular carry guns A S&W 1911 a S&W model 327 eight shot .357 and the Colt 1911.

I prefer a revolver with an exposed hammer but having a shrouded hammer can prevent the gun from snagging on clothing when drawing the gun.

If I were looking to spend somewhere around $400 I would look for a nice used pre-lock S&W. S&W makes some of the smoothest double action revolvers. Look around for a nice used .38 S&W snubbie and forget about the .380. The .38 special is just a better choice for self protection than the .380.

I am broke, I spent my money on fast cars, guns, reloading equipment and ammo, the rest my money was wasted on nonessential stuff
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