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With equal training and practice, a revolver being reloaded with a "speedloader" will never be as fast or as easy to do as inserting a magazine (even one as small as some .380 mags are) into a semi-auto with the slide locked back is.
I think this guy will disagree with you 12 shots accurate shot all hitting the target from a 6 shot revolver in under 3 seconds

And forget the so-called intimidation factor. If you have cause to point a firearm at another human being, it's only because your life and/or limb or that of another innocent person's is at risk. And if yours or another's life is on the line, you want a defensive handgun to put your adversary down; not count on it to make him run away (if he does flee at the mere sight of your pistol, that would be the best possible outcome and a welcome response-but I would never select a firearm to be employed for self-defense on the basis of any supposed "fear factor").
I agree with you 100%, pulling a gun out to scare or intimidate is against the law in most if not all states, it's called brandishing.
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