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I own a lot of S&Ws but don't like either gun. Looks and beauty are in the eye of the beholder but to me both guns look ugly.

I hate the new S&W revolvers because of the lock but I there are some S&Ws that were only made with the lock. If you buy the revolver disable the lock. I prefer the .38 special to the .380 caliber so even though I hate the S&Ws with locks I would go for the revolver.

I would personally go for something that is .40 or larger and I know the Colt New Agent is about double the price I would rather but the colt or a S&W 3 inch .45 ACP.

This is one of the three guns I carry most often

I am broke, I spent my money on fast cars, guns, reloading equipment and ammo, the rest my money was wasted on nonessential stuff
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