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I think you're leaning the right way. The .38 special snub is a much better option. A .380 is about as low as I'd go and still feel like I could handle a FOF FTF. If I had a .38 special, which I do have, I'd feel almost well-armed. As far as the intimidation factor of these weapons (which is becoming obsolete in this discussion) remember that a man that looks/sounds like he calmly knows what he's doing behind the weapon is infinitely more intimidating than what kind of weapon he's carrying (within reason).

Who are you more afraid of?
This guy?

Or This guy?

Think about it.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ- Greek:"Come and take them..." Meaning: Here we peaceably stand as armed and free men, willing to defend that peace, and ready to make war upon anyone who threatens that freedom.
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