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I would go with the one you're sure you'll carry. I've owned a S&W 640 and it was a good shooter but too heavy/bulky. I carried it at work most days but never off work.

I carried a S&W 340PD for 7 years and it was nice and light, kicked like a mule and was also bulky. Carried at work and rarely off work.

Now I carry a Kahr MK4O sometimes and either a Sig P238 or Kahr P380 most of the time. Sometimes both of the 380s. I carry one or two of those all the time.

Whatever you choose, whether you will be comfortable shooting it, and will carry it is the most important thing IMO. Sometimes people tend to leave them home if they are uncomfortable to pack with them.
"the 380 in your pocket is better than the 45 you left at home." posted by, mavracer
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