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Small .380 semi-auto VS small .38 Special revolver

Hey ya'll

I'm getting a compact frame M&P in .357 SIG soon, going to be one of my main carry pistols.

I'm also heavily considering buying one of S&W's new Bodyguards. I just can't decide on which one.

Here is where I'm stuck. The intimidation factor. If I have to use my pistol in self defense, I can honestly say I hope I don't have to pull the trigger, and just the presence of the gun will get the BG to GTFO. That being said, if I were a stereotypical, un-educated, drugged out gang banger, and some one pulled out the .380 Bodyguard, or an LCP, or other small .380 pistol, I would think it was a dang BB gun or something. They just don't look like they would make someone think twice.

But a revolver on the other hand, even a small bore revolver, seems like it might be more intimidating.

Anyone else agree?

The other thing I'm stuck on is ammo and capacity.

The .380 Bodyguard holds 7 rounds, while the .38 holds 5.
I know that the .38, especially +P loads will do more damage, but you never know when those 2 extra rounds may be a life saver.

Both have great reviews, come with Insight laser sights, and are about the same price. I've shot the .38, and it isn't the most comfortable thing on earth, but then again, its a 14oz revolver shooting +P loads, its got some snap to it.

.380 Bodyguard

.38 Special Bodyguard

Any input is greatly ah-pur-shiated!
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