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I purchased a Fobus paddle holster for my Sig220.
I just wanted something for PPC and since I never carry
this handgun, I did not care to spend much. I am quite pleased with it. It is much lighter than my IWB kydex from Blade-Tech and very comfortable. The only problem I've had so far (in 2 hours) was getting the darn pistol out the first time. The retention is unbelievable. You have to pull quickly and with snap. I put a light layer of Militec on the inside - helped greatly. Now, if it doesn't wear the finish, it will score a 100%. It only cost $18 from Still waiting on the double mag holder. All in all surprised, I'm surprised at the quality and fit. Never heard of these until I read a mention either here or GunSpot.

Just passing on some thoughts. Regards, Jim
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