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Ahh, just shoot the cap and ball as a cap and ball and buy a Uberti cartridge conversion revolver if you want to shoot .38 specials out of it.
Couldn't agree more! If you want a percussion style pistol that shoots cartridges, buy an 1851 cartridge conversion. You also get the much easier to find .38Spl chambering. I'd buy another gun LOOOOONG before I sank a bunch of money into a Pietta percussion pistol that still won't be historically accurate or as easy to manipulate. I firmly believe that the factory cartridge conversions (by Uberti) are much better built guns than the Pietta percussion pistols. Cimarron would be my first choice.

They tried to sell me the conversion revolver (45 long colt I think) but I didn't want it, because I wanted a Colt 1851 Navy.
Not sure what you mean by that as they do produce 1851 Navy cartridge conversions that are entirely historically accurate. Much more so than the Kirst and similar drop-in cartridge cylinders. Far easier to manipulate without need for removing the cylinder to reload. Simply open the gate and eject empties.
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