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Questions about Cartridge Conversions

I have a question. I know a little about modern rifles and handguns but didly squat about black powder and cowboy stuff.

Anyway, I bought a Pietta 1851 Colt Navy revolver, steel frame, .36 caliber.
As I understand it, there are drop-in cylinders that will convert this to fire cartriges.

The thing is this - all these cylinders say they're for the Pietta 1851 Colt Navy in .36 caliber, say that they convert it to .38 Long Colt.

Do I need a new barrel? How does a .38 caliber bullet fit down a .36 caliber barrel? Most of the places I have found that describe these conversions say the bullet is actually small for the bore and to use hollow points because they open up in the barrel and take up the slack.

I've got people telling me this can't possibly be right, but I've scoured the net and found no cylinder that is chambered for .32, which everyone keeps telling me is the right round.

I don't want to drop $200 bucks on the wrong thing.

Whats the story on this?
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