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To make it clear, do not anneal the head of the case.

That has to remain hard or it will let go and then its an explosive gas release you do not want to be part of.

Annealing for a re-loader is purely the neck and shoulder.

You do not want that going down the case. Really bad things happen.

Before we shoot it, the case is put through a series of process and that include the correct hardness for the base as well as the annelaed end.

Some mfgs leave that on (Lapua) so you can see it. Its the last stage of case conditioning and only for the neck and shoulder (polishing to bright is an appearance thing not condition) .

Most polish the anneal appearance off, they are annealed the same as Lapua, it just no longer shows, bright pretty at one time perceived good vs the less pretty anneal that is now something of a signature for Lapua though others leave as is as well.

That ability to polish off is a signature that it is not over annealed.
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