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Replacment Bolt/ Bolt Handle 788 Rem

I have a broken bolt on a Rem 788 30-30
I have searched several on line parts and have been unable to come up with anything.

Ok, i will tell,

Last winter while shooting a New Years fun match at the club one of my Grandsons had an extraction issue and i whacked the bolt handle quite hard and i extracted that case, cycled the action and shot a few and gave it back to him. And i went back to shooting. a few rounds later he had the issue again and i gave it a couple more whacks and it didn't extract.
i had one more grandson shooting and kind of rushed the process instead of mulling over what was presented. The bolt was back about 1/2 inch and i could just see brass in the action and not sure weather the round had stuck on loading or unloading and wasn't going to take the word of my 13 year old, so i saw a 10-12 inch 2x4 and gave it one more whack, and broke the handle right off. Ouch!
Well i cased it up and when i got it on the bench i then easily saw what was going on.
The safety was engauged and blocking the locking lugs . Now this safety is a bolt lock safety if i remember correctly. anyway there is a ding on one of the bolt locking lugs.
And the case was empty.
My theory as of now is the Ladd was attempting to safe the gun after each shot?? I didn't ask him but plan on watching him close if I ever get this rifle shooting again.
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