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A+++ for Golden State Tactical

I've been in the hunt for a couple of magazines for my Sig 1911-22 for awhile, (same gun as GSG,) but after the passing of time without any arrival notifications, I decided to broaden my horizons beyond my usual sources and try a fresh search.

Thumbs up for! Not only did they have these listed, they had them in stock at a better price than most, and a much better price than others. I got an order confirmation email right away, then a shipping confirmation with tracking the next morning, with arrival in just a few days. Here's the kicker... These items came from California and arrived quicker than my shipped orders from MidwayUSA, which is just 40 minutes from my place.

Full Disclosure: I have no prior relationship or motivation to endorse Golden State Tactical beyond my appreciation for this experience. I can easily relate to the frustration of fellow shooters as we deal with this product drought, so I imagine a few of my fellow shooters can benefit by adding to their search routine. I'm happy to have found them.

Happy shooting!
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