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The safe has chips in it and would be sensitive. It would not survive.

I believe there are some theoretical ways to create large EMPs that will not also expel deadly doses of radiation, but no one has actually done it. I believe there are small area EMPs, say the size of a room or maybe a house that do not use nuclear fission.

A small one is not too difficult.

The amount of power necessary relates to the volume of the area you want to have an effect on. I don't think there is any way to really pull the power required out of a municipal powergrid without damaging it in the process. Maybe if you hooked directly into a reactor or power plant you could make a decent sized EMP. Even then you aren't close to the power of nuclear bomb, so I doubt it would take out a city.

Park it next to a relay station or something and you MIGHT cause a rolling black out.

Nuclear fission reactors do have effects well beyond the dangerous radiation zone when used at altitude. They basically work on LOS(of course they can see through things like trees and houses), so the higher they are the farther they hit. SO you could be under their effects without radiation, but some other very bad things would be happening in other places.

Not like I am an electrical engineer or anything though.

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