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Walt, thanks for the information about the Starvell finish - I always assumed it was chrome because it is hard, durable and doesn't discolor. Looks more like a brushed chrome too, but it's really hard for me to visually tell the difference between some chromes and nickel finishes.

Regarding the mag disconect - it's an easy part to take out and re-install. My gun came with it uninstalled and I reinstalled it just so I wouldn't lose it. I think there is too much worry about spare parts. These things are tanks, at least my Megastar is. About the only spare part I would want would be a spare recoil spring, and I could probably find a Wolf spring that would work. Maybe a firing pin too. For what I've seen spare parts kits selling for these days, I could probably have a gunsmith make a part if it broke.
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