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I know people personally who have been In the Military, I have not. I Joined this sight to learn about Guns, and teach some things to other people I have learned. I am 15 years old and am very responsible with Guns, I picked the username I picked because It's short (less Typing) It was available and I "Technically" Own a Glock 27 In .40 caliber (Hence the 40 In my username)... before anybody gets "Troubled" Just know some people may be at home alone who are teenagers and may need a weapon to defend theirself If their parents are not home, and that said person has nowhere to go when their parents leave to Go to work (ect) also know not every person who goes to school Is In public school. I Know Im not crazy, I have a good life, my parents also know that and are confident in me being able to protect myself and being able to come up with educated theories of what I should do If a situation shall occur. I will not shoot unless I am about to be killed or I am being killed, I will use other means before that. Should I make a post about this? LOL Nobody report me please, and thank you!
Gun control Is like Trying to reduce drunk Driving by making It tougher for sober people to own cars!
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