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Thanks for all the replies. I've enjoyed reading your experiences with them. I tried to order a RR about 2 years ago when I lived in SC. When Buds shipped it to my FFL he saw what it was and shipped it right back. Then the 929 fell into my lap on a trade for a can of tokarev ammo. And I haven't looked back since. But that 129 dollar price tag stuck out to me like a sore thumb, when I was on Classic's website last night. So I slung one in the cart. I'm kinda set in my ways about 22lr hand guns. I will only have that cartridge in a Revolver. I had my fill of the finicky, and super picky (ammo wise) semi auto's. The cartridge just don't have enough juice to blow back the slide on some of those auto loaders. I can sling ANY .22 cartridge in my 929 and guess what?? YEP, IT GOES BANG EVERY TIME! None of that FTF, FTE, Stove Pipes, etc, thats just crazy talk I'll post up a range report when I get the little thing here.
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