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"Not only that I CAN NOT pay Rugers Price for a .22. I just CAN"T its ingrained in my soul."

We may be of the same ilk. I was looking at those SS's as well on GB and iirc they were going for around $500. I had one 10-15 years ago, and wasn't that crazy about it, got it mainly for my son to learn on. I'm 10-15 years older now and wanted something more geezer friendly to reload, so I was looking for something in good shape with a swing-out cylinder. I was going to hold out for that Sportsman, but I wouldn't be surprised if it sells for $500, plus I wanted a non-target gun, something like a S&W M-10 wannabe in .22. A barely used Hi-Std came up with a reasonable BIN, so I grabbed it.
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