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It's Cute:

Friday & Saturday I made the rounds of the gun shops. Friday I hit two in Gillette and Saturday, three in Rapid City.

Powder here, primers there. Over all, good productive trip, not stocking up but keeping up.

Anyway I found some rifle powder at one store, plus some black powder (not many people carry real black powder any more).

I had my goodies piled up on the counter when wife comes up and lays out one of the little Heritage Rough Riders, bird head grip, in 32 H&R Mag.

I says, "what's that"? She says "its cute". I guess "cute" is as good a reason to buy a revolver as any so I buy it for her.

Bought some ammo, box of 32 H&R and some 32 S&W, (little short stuff). Don't have a 32 so no reloading stuff.

So Saturday morning we shot the crap out of that little gun. Shoots good, fairly accurate. Only problem is the brass is a bit sticky ejecting. No problem a little steel wool on a spindle in the drill press cleaned up the cylinder pretty good.

Never had a Heritage revolver before, but I doubt wife will "shoot it out" anyway.

Then Saturday found some Carbide RCBS dies. Another box of bullets to tied us over. (Got brass on order from Midway).

I found I already had a bullet mold, 90 gr RN. Don't know why I had it, but it'll work for this little guy.

Good fun little gun, wife likes it, that's what counts, and besides, its CUTE.

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