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AR feed issues

I recently installed a new heavy barrel on my AR. I put on a new gas block(GB systems) and a new gas tube. About two weeks ago, I took the rifle to the range for its maiden voyage. The first 2-3 rounds went fine however, the weapon began failing to feed. It would extract just fine but the bolt wasn't picking up a new round. I figured I had missaligned the gas block so I took it back to my house and tweaked it. I fired it at the range today but had similar problems. This time, I was able to fire about 15 rounds without an issue before it started failing to feed. The gas block made by GB systems is now discontinued so I'm hoping its just a poor quality gas block...

A friend of mine mentioned it was possible the new barrel I purchased may have an issue in the chamber. He said as the metal in the chamber heats due to firing, it could be causing the malfunction. I'm looking for some direction on how to fix this myself. Thanks
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