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What is a 1911? Does it have to be 45 and 38 Super only?

What is a proper Commander/Officer clone? Is it the chambering, the size, the overall function?

Does it need to have 80-90% parts interchangeable with other "established" 1911s?

What exactly is a Series 70 and 80 these days?

Does it NEED to have an internal extractor?

Can you make the frame out of alloy?

Is the Les Baer monolith a 1911?
They have to be interchangeable and use true 1911 parts. As mentioned above, non of them, nor are most of mine true-to-=original spec 1911s.

However, three of those are enhanced 1911 clones and two are not. I mean, I guess you could call the rimfire a "clone" at least outwardly. The 238 uses basically nothing from a 1911.

No offense meant. Like I said, its a very nice collection.
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