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If you're building a custom rifle from scratch you can do anything with 260 that the 6.5 CM does if you hand load. But everything is just a lot easier with the 6.5 CM. The 260 was the inspiration for 6.5 CM and with bullets 130 gr and lighter the 260 is a little faster.

But when the long range shooters tried the high BC 140-150 gr bullets they found they wouldn't work without modifying the 260 rifles and seating the bullets too long to fit a 260 magazine. The 6.5 was created to duplicate that performance, but with off the shelf rifles and ammo.

Hunters quickly discovered that the 140 gr hunting bullets took the 6.5 CM into a different league compared to the 120-130 gr bullets designed for 260.

It shouldn't be hard to make either work in a long action rifle, but I can't answer as to details. If someone already has a 260 and they like it I can understand the reluctance to change. But if buying/building a new rifle there is simply no reason to choose 260 over 6.5 CM. Brass as well as factory ammo is already far more available for the 6.5 than 260.
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