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260Rem vs. __6.5________

Late to the game after wearing out 3 barrels shooting 50BMG and 2 barrels with 50BMG based Wildcats, I have decided to try a 260Rem based on one of my Rem700 Long Actions I have in hunting rifles.

Based on seating depth concerns in the 260REM, am I correct to start with my Long Action Remingtons?
Will I encounter feed issues from internal magazine or should I consider a modified 25-06/270Win/280Rem/30-06 magazine with spacer at rear to hold cartridge at consistent position within the mag?

I read barrel life to be around 2200 rounds fired vs the 1400 rounds fired in high pressure 50BMG rounds with coarse slow-burn powders like V.V. 20N29.
Setting the barrel back once gains about 50% more life in 6.5 barrels, as also experienced with my 50BMG rifles. (I have Lathe & Mill capabilities in my shop, and do my own 50BMG related builds.)

So the QUESTION: 260Rem or 6.5Needmore ?
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