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I bought my Lee, 6-cavity .32 MaxiBall mold from Track of the Wolf, about a year ago. Price was very fair,and it was the ONLY place I could find a new mold. Occassionally, one sees .32 Maxi molds on ebay, where they sell for well over $100.

My CVA .32 Squirrel Rifle is twisted 1-48" and I too thought it would shoot OK. After all, my 1-48" .50's shoot .50 Maxi's OK. But my .32 is not doing so hot. Of interest is that T/C rifled their .32 Seneca and Cherokee .32 cal rifles 1-30".
I will continue to experiment with charge weights, powder,and lube. However, somebody ran the numbers here a while back on a rifling twist table, and the 105 gr .32 Maxi and 1-48" did not work out so good for accuracy. But one can hope.

I've been tempted to buy a Traditions Crockett, the longer barrel would allow me to see the front sight a bit better, but have thus far resisted.
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