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The Ball-Et was made by an outfit called the "Buffalo Bullet Co" Santa Fe Spgs, CA, and are now defunct. I still have some in .50, they weigh 245 grains.
Also, Hornady makes/made a "PA Conical" which largely resembles the old Ball-Et, I have seen these for sale recently, weighing .50/240 gr.

And yes, my clip on the Maxi to "Midi" yields a slug resembling the above projectiles just as Hawg noted. I think the Buffalo Bullet people actually made a .32 Ball-Et, not sure if it was sized for rifle or revolver.

I suppose I could just go and find a .36 rifle and sally forth, or I could download a .50 with a round ball and be successful, but there is something appealing about that dainty .32 in the crook of my arm when I wander the woods with it. CVA made that rifle in .36 (I read) but I have never seen one. Nor have I seen a T/C .36 (or .32) for that matter, in person.

Still raining in shooting yet. Six gobblers IN MY YARD, this AM before church!!!!!!!!!!
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