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Revolvers are awesome! Look at this way if the collapse of society does eventually come around eventually mag springs, recoil springs, guide rods, magazines are all eventually going to wear out. Yes I know that you can buy spare parts for all of those things but I need my garage to park my car in not store spare parts for a Glock, or Sig, or Beretta that I need to keep running. Revolvers were used by law enforcement since they were invented and the only reason they changed was because someone thought that the police were out gunned by semi autos with larger magazine cap. Since semi autos came into being and held more than 6 shots the police were out gunned but that did not bother them till the 1980's. Up till then they always came out on the winning end. Anybody remember Bill Jordan? He was a revolver guy and one of the most deadly men to ever use a hand held weapon. Always remember fire discpline trumps mag cap any day. When I was a kid I remember reading a story about an old Texas Ranger during prohibition days who got into a shooting scrape with some whiskey runners who were working for the mafia. The whiskey peddlers had the latest and greatest 1911's and Thompson Sub Machine Guns and all the old ranger had was a 45 Colt with a 4 3/4 barrel colt single action army. The old ranger had good fire discpline and would only fire when he had a target and the gangsters would pop up and fire up 50 round drums of 45 ACP and never hit thing one. The old ranger everytime he fired he dropped one of them after a few times of that they beat it across the Mexican Boarder. Now some will say well what if you are jumped by a lot of intruders/thugs? Well now from what I have seen on most after action reports in the media whenever a home owner has used a gun to defend themselves that whenever they do shoot one of the thugs the others lose their guts and run away. Don't recall if I have ever heard a story of 4 thugs breaking into a home and all 4 standing toe to toe with the home owner after some of their buddies start going down when the lead starts flying. No they got better things to do like snatching old ladies purses, or pushing dope at the elementary school. If they had any guts they would not be low life punks.

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