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I have owned a glock in the past, but only have 1 pistol right now and thats a revovler, m15 smith and wesson. I dont mind the trigger on the glock or how it shoots, but it is souless. When i pick it up, it feels weak, it feels like a toy, it almost feels not real. I pick up my service sized revolver and i can feel it, it feels real. It just feels like i have something in my hands that is solid.

I dont know how to describe it, but plastic just dosent feel real or have that indescribeable soul that metal semi's and revolvers have.

I have never felt undergunned with my revolver. If i need to reload, i carry reloads and practice with them. You arnt just standing there are you? You do know to move off the line and get to cover and reload? IMHO capacity only matter if your being invaded by the commies and that aint happening.
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