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Revolvers are heavy, wide, long and low capacity.
Like most generalizations, there is a grain of truth in there. But...have you ever heard of a 642? I'm pretty certain that it is S&W's best selling gun, period, and has been for several years.

My first CHL instructor (and he was/is a Detective on the Ft Worth Police Department) advised the class to take a look at j-framed sized revolvers. I took his advice, and went through a succession of them. I do not currently own one (and haven't for five or six years) but am re-thinking that decision, and may add a 642 to the rotation.

Revolvers are far from dead. New designs such as the Ruger LCR and the Chiappa Rhino are adding some depth to the bench, and causing some shooters to rethink their carry choices.
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