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If you handload, we can talk more interesting choices, but if you're not a handloader you'll need to just choose a box from the shelf at the gun store and might have to be happy with whatever you can find. Especially at the last minute... in the middle of a shortage.

I'd recommend buying actual hunting ammo if possible. I'd steer clear of target ammo, despite what others have said. They're right that CERTAIN target bullets can work well on game if you take the right shots with them, but unless you know what you're doing, a hunting bullet is much safer bet and gives a much bigger margin for error.

For 60-70 yard shots, I'd go with something in the 120-140 grain weight. Nothing too soft. Stick with something like the Interlock, Corelokt, etc. No need for premium ammo for deer, but you also don't want aa soft bullet that will explode at short distance.
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