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If you just want to kill game, I've seldom seen a bullet kill more dramatically than a Berger. However, the bullet I've seen desroy the most meat is a Berger. The few game animals ive seen shot with Berger bullets most of the off side from front shoulder to flank has been bloodshot. The animal when the hide us off looks like it has been repeatedly peppered with birdshot. That said the bullet works as advertised and usually dumps game in their tracks.

If you're having trouble finding ammunition right now I'd shoot the Berger for hunting first, but I'd use the Hornady if that's all you can find. If you purchase online look for Hornady American Whitetail 129 gr Interlock ammunition. I think it's as good as any basic hunting ammunition and is usually around $25 a box, I also like Federal (Blue Box) Power Shok ammunition for general deer hunting.
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