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The ATF accepts only government issued proof of residency (as I understand it)

Question 18.a. Identification:
Before a licensee may sell or deliver a firearm to a nonlicensee, the licensee must establish the identity, place of residence, and age of the tansferee/buyer. The transferee/buyer must provide a valid government-
issued photo identification document to the transferor/seller that contains the
transferee's/buyer's name, residence address, and date of birth. A driver's license or an identification card issued by a State in place of a license is acceptable. Social Security cards are not acceptable because no address, date of birth, or photograph is shown on the cards. A combination of government-issued documents may be provided. See instructions for question 18.b. Supplemental Documentation.

Question 18.b. Supplemental Documentation:
Licensees may accept a combination of valid government-issued documents to satisfy the identification document requirements of the law. The required valid government-issued photo identification document bearing the name, photograph, and date of birth of transferee/buyer may be supplemented by another valid, government-issued document showing the transferee's/buyer's residence address. This supplemental documentation should be recorded in question 18.b., with the issuing authority and type of identification presented. For example, if the transferee/buyer has two States of residence and is trying to buy a handgun in State X, he may provide a driver's license
(showing his name, date of birth, and photograph)
issued by State Y and another government-issued document
(such as a tax document) from State X showing his residence address. A valid electronic document from a government website may be used as supplemental documentation provided it contains the transferee's/buyer's name and current residence address.
Is a utility bill a government issued document? My utility bill is issued by the utility company and not the city or state. I do pay property taxes and that is a government issued document. A person renting a home doesn't get a tax document because the person liable for the taxes is the owner.

It is, apparently, possible to have multiple residences in different states. It appears that just living in a state temporarily for a job assignment does not qualify unless you are in the armed forces. (which is addressed elsewhere)
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