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It seems like you're responding to the sentences in bold without having read the rest of the post.

"...How weak are my loads..." They're not. They're just slower due to the lack of barrel length.
There are no loads. This is all a hypothetical question about how to build a versatile rifles. Being able to reliably shoot both standard .308 and weak loads with light bullets is the whole goal. I'm not complaining about low power. I'm seeking it.

"...all the way to 7.62x39 performance..." The lack of 7.62x39 performance you mean. A Max load for a 125 out of a 24" .308 Win runs around 3000 or 3100 FPS. A 7.62 x 39 Max load runs 2200ish to 2,554 FPS, also out of a 24" barrel. The whole thing is about case capacity.
"All the way to 7.62x39 performance" means all the way DOWN to 7.62x39. Case capacity is not a concern here. The question is about designing a rifle that will reliably shoot a wide variety of power levels of ammunition. The whole goal is to make it reliably shoot weak ammunition.

Anyway, if you go too low on velocity you will have unreliable functioning due to the load being too light.
That's the crux of the whole thing. Please read the details.

And don't even think about loading below minimum loads. That can be dangerous.
I would never do that! Hodgdon provides data for H4895 in .308 Winchester. Their normal load data provides a min load of 42 gr for 2,796 fps in a 24" barrel. However, they ALSO say it's safe to load 60% of their max load for reduced power (using H4895 exclusively). That works out to 27.6 gr! I'm not sure what the velocity is but it's probably getting close to 7.62x39 levels, especially with a short barrel. So it is certainly possible to safely reload extremely weak .308 according to the books.
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