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Don't worry, I have no intention of becoming a poster boy for the BATFE.
I'm just trying to raise some discussion about the rules and the lack of clairity therein.
In fact, I called my District office and asked about the folded/extended measurement. I was told they are measured extended. No mention of whether or not it would be easy to fire when folded. (Of course, as we know, a "ruling" over the phone isn't worth a bucket of warm snot.) As you said, the only thing that really counts is a court decision. And even that can be viewed differently by different courts.

My point being: If they will allow what would otherwise be a SBR to fall out of that category by merely extending a collapsible stock, would they be willing to accept the same type of alteration on the other end. i.e. a collapsible barrel? My guess would be no, but maybe there has been a precedence set with the stock.
Now all we need is for someone to step forward and become the sacrificial lamb.

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