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Talk to me about Aliengear holsters

I have a Springfield xds 9mm that I typically wear IWB with a stiff 1.5" belt (it has a kydex core).

The holster is kydex and was cheap, typical snap on well molded to the pistol and has good retention. But it is often uncomfortable to wear. I carry a spare mag in my pocket, but that's not ideal, and I also have no place to keep it accessible in the car.

Someone here in another thread was saying good things about aliengear. So, I looked them up and they look intriguing, but their stuff is kinda spendy.

I'm looking at their core system and their 'Driver Defense Expansion Pack", along with a mag carrier.

The whole package comes to $150, which... if its good fine, but it better be awesome for that much. Also, they off additional 'clips' but I'm not sure what they are supposed to accomplish.

So, is this really worth this much for a holster system, or is this just WAAY over the top branding?
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