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WW231 in .380 - Dirty??

Here is my load:
.380 mixed head-stamp brass (mostly WW white box and PMC, once fired in this gun)
100gr Lead round nose bullet
2.9gr WW231
Fiocchi SP primer

Firearm: SIG P232

I based this load on the Hodgden's website. It lists 2.9gr as the starting load for 100gr FMJ bullets. This loads shots good and I see no signs of over-pressure. Brass is tossed about 8'.

However, when I break the gun down to clean it, it is very sooty inside. The barrel has a lot of soot in it. There is a layer of soot on the feed ramp and all of the internal surfaces. There is also a lot of soot on the front of the slide near the muzzle.

I am new to pistol reloading but have reloading shotshells for several years. I know that with several shotgun powders, you need to keep the pressure up to get clean burns. Does this hold true with WW231 also? Should I increase the powder charge a little and see how it burns?

Other powders I have available are Universal Clays, Clays, Longshot and 800X. Would any of these be good powders to try?

Any other suggestions?


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