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Where is the brass going? You should be able to mic the case and mouth wall thickness and tell if it's in spec. or not. I would think pushing the shoulder back would flow brass longer into the neck. Also, brass will easily contract or expand with varying degrees of hardness and temperature. If you already have a fire formed brass, are you comparing the shoulder length dimension to your gage or to the die? I have measured freshly fired brass and thrown them into a freezer or warmed them up with a blow dryer. There's quite a bit of variance between brands. Military annealed brass seems to be the hardest, but not necessarily always. Personally, I'd switch brands of brass and retry. I'm not a match loader, but I have loaded many hundreds of rounds of .308 in Lyman, Lee, and Hornady dies. Each one chambered well in my now reminiscent M70 and my newer guns as well. Good luck, and please post your results. -7-
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