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I read those posts. They just didn't make much sense.
I'll try to make this crystal clear.

I polished the feed ramp because I had the stuff and I felt like it. It took less than one hour.

I smoothed out the trigger bar because the trigger would lightly snag in several places, and because the time to do that is BEFORE applying the Talon grips because the Talon grips cover the little access panel to the trigger bar...see the video.

Also, as stated in post #1, I bought the gun "never fired" on Armslist which means I have no warranty rights as far as Kahr is concerned. So instead of me paying postage both ways to have to pay Kahr to address the trigger bar AFTER they or I removed the Talon grips, I opted to take the senseless route and spend less than an hour to smooth the trigger bar.

After all that, I applied the Talon grips. Nothing has to be undone to correct something else.

Does it make sense now?
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