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A few questions are raised by this post.

polished the feed ramp with 600 wet or dry and Simichrome
Was there an issue with feeding? If not, why mess with the ramp and potentially cause problems? I've owned a CM9 for about 8 years, and it has proven itself to reliably feed a wide range of ammo with no modifications.

followed this video to smooth out the ratchety trigger pull
Why was the trigger pull rachety? Kahrs have a reputation for having pretty smooth double action triggers. My guess is that yours would have broken in just fine on its own. If not, it's defective, and Kahr customer service can handle it.

I've read about how finicky Kahrs are, and how they often require a 200 round break-in period
All the 9mm Kahrs I've encountered have run fine from the start. .40SW and .45ACP Kahrs have tended to have more issues over the years, but the 9mm Kahrs are reliable pistols, as you have discovered. Most likely, the only reason people ever talk about these pistols being "finicky" is the fact that Kahr actually mentions a break-in period in their manual, whereas many manufacturers don't.

In another thread here someone was saying how his hand would be in terrible pain if he just thought about shooting a CM9 or PM9
That person must be prone to hyperbole, or just be very sensitive to recoil with all pistols. The 9mm CM9 is very light in weight, but recoil is no more fierce than other 9mm polymer-framed pistols of its size and weight. Certainly not painful unless you are shooting fairly high round counts, in which any of its other competitors would prove painful as well. It does have pretty aggressive backstrap checkering. Perhaps that is what this person was referring to?
The answers to all of your questions can be found in posts #1 and #8, which prompts another question.
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