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Love the Kahr 9mm's... I have about 5 of them at the moment. None of the Kahrs I've owned have required any break-in period... or I guess the better way to put it would be I've not had any problems with any of my Kahrs in the first 200 rounds or so. I don't 'break in' my guns, I just go shoot them.

For those of you who carry them, what I've done is set up everything for the larger CW9 that I typically carry, and then swap in the CM9 or PM9 if I need something a little smaller... same holsters, same magazines (the longer CM9 mags will fit in the CM/PM,) same ammo, same manual of arms.

I know there is some Kahr dislike out there... sure. No, it's not a Glock or XD, it doesn't carry 37 rounds in the magazine, no safety, blah, blah... I have had a few marginal examples, however. I had a P45 with serious chamber problems, and I was buying a CW9 that had an abysmal trigger (there was something wrong with it. I told the dealer to swap it with another pistol.) Having said that, as long as you have a good example, and it fits the way you hold and shoot a pistol, they are very hard to beat.

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