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The Kahr micro nines are great little guns. I had about 1100 through mine of all kinds of ammo when I had two 115 grain gold dots hang up on the feed ramp while feeding from the same mag. I switch over to the 124 grain which I preferred anyway, never experienced it since, and that was about 10 years ago. At the time I spoke to Kahr and they recommended recoil spring replacement between 1000-1500 rounds, so I did that.

I never had the problem with first round hanging up by not using the slide stop to charge it. As a southpaw I forced myself to always overhand rip the slide to the rear with force, and it works.

I am entirely satisfied with mine, and the recoil springs are cheap. Stupid accurate for such a small pistol. As with any striker, keep the channel dry and clean it out once in a while. Enjoy yours in good health.
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