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Kahr CM9 first range trip

A couple of months ago I picked up a "never fired" CM9 on Armslist. I did three things to it during that time before firing it: polished the feed ramp with 600 wet or dry and Simichrome; followed this video to smooth out the ratchety trigger pull,; and added the rubber texture Talon grip.

I've read about how finicky Kahrs are, and how they often require a 200 round break-in period, so I took five boxes of American Eagle 124gr FMJ to the range. Every single round, all 250 of them, fed the first time, fired the first time, extracted the first time, and ejected the first time. The CM9 ran 100%. I used two 6-round mags, each 21 times.

In another thread here someone was saying how his hand would be in terrible pain if he just thought about shooting a CM9 or PM9, because he shot one before and never would again. My experience today was 180* from that, the only discomfort I had was from the ear gargles, and that was minimal.

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