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~10 seconds of voluntary aggressive action after a lethal hit.
No guarantee that all shots will hit or be good hits, LE averages about 50% hits with "service" size pistols.
Average of 2-3 rounds fired to stop a threat, can't shoot 2.4 rounds.
A difference in caliber may (could) matter less than having more rounds available.
I've favored bigger bullets, but the difference in comparable loads of 9mm/40 is kinda small:
147 HST +P 19.2''/.60
180 HST 18.5'' / .72
I've even carried a Glock 19 instead of a 23 or 32 lately.
I'm not inclined to disarm for a concert, game, (entertainment) and I ain't going on a plane or cruise.
"Wouldn't want to / Nobody volunteer to" get shot by _____ is not indicative of quickly incapacitating.
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