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it's always stuff like mag capacity or slightly lower recoil.
The in vogue argument for 9MM is not really about capacity and more about recovery times (recoil). Let's assume that capacity, in modern semi-auto pistols, is not a great argument. If you could not manage the threat with 14 its unlikely 15 matters.

A: a slightly softer shooting gun that shoots smaller bullets and doesn't hit as hard or
B: a slightly harder recoiling gun that hits harder and pokes bigger holes?
However, as we now train to "shoot until stop," your argument becomes simplistic. Assume you have X amount of time to fire at an assailant.

Do you want to be able to score 3 "good" hits or 4? Considering a physiological stop with today's handguns is still somewhat dependent on luck the extra hit is probably more important than the minimally larger hole.

Of course I'm currently carrying an airweight 5 shot revolver loaded with .38 special round so I'm on the wrong side of the capacity, shot recovery time, and power if one puts too much focus on the debate.
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