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Everyone is different, I prefer .40 and .45 over the others. I've had 9mm's and I have no issue with them, but typically the only advantages attributed to the 9mm have nothing at all to do with ballistic performance, it's always stuff like mag capacity or slightly lower recoil. Those things can be good, I'm not denying that, but I have to ask, why am I carrying a gun? If an event ever occurs and I need to stop the threat, am I going to prefer:
A: a slightly softer shooting gun that shoots smaller bullets and doesn't hit as hard or
B: a slightly harder recoiling gun that hits harder and pokes bigger holes?

All I'm saying is, there can be benefits to lower recoil but nearly all of that is at the range. If the old adrenaline is pumping and your life or well being is at stake, I would care more about putting bigger holes in the bad guy than worrying about a slight difference in recoil. At that point, stopping the threat is the number one priority, not your comfort, and bigger bullets put them down better.
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