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They’re neutral because they don’t care about gun rights. It isn’t important to them. You treating them respectfully and lovingly isn’t going to make it important to them. At best, all it will do is remind them that stereotypes of gun owners presented by the other side are inaccurate.

If you want them to care about gun rights, you have to get them personally invested in it. That will make people pro-gun faster than anything because then they are forced to wrap their heads around the arbitrary and confusing laws surrounding people who like to shoot.

This is what antis try to delicately sidestep. Gunowners would line up to register themselves and their weapons too. They’d volunteer for psyche evals and pay extra fees. All you have to do is offer them a carrot instead of a stick (see also concealed carry licenses). Of course, that would mean that antis would have to give up on abolishing firearms ownership and accept “reasonable gun control” designed to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. When is the last time you saw a carrot offered?
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